Our air fresheners are individually hand-poured and sanded in small batches at our Sydney studio. Each piece is unique, crafted from a heat-resistant, non-toxic plaster compound, and infused with premium-quality fragrances. All ingredients are sourced from within Australia.

The built-in scent of our car air fresheners and home hanging diffusers will last approximately 6 months, while our scented artworks can last from 12 to 18 months, depending on their size. Once the scent has faded, you can refresh the air freshener by applying your own perfume, fragrance, or essential oil onto its back. Please note that high temperatures will increase the speed of fragrance release and reduce the durability of the air freshener. Additionally, the finished product's colour may vary depending on the fragrance chosen.

Car Vent Air Freshener Clips

Slowly attach the metal clip to the clip holder at the back of the air freshener, then gently hold the car vent air freshener and securely attach the clip to your car's air vent. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the air freshener's edges during attachment to prevent breakage. Ensure there is a gap between the air freshener and the vent to prevent discolouration to your air vent.

Hanging Diffusers

Designed for compact areas like cars, wardrobes, and small bathrooms. Adjust to the ideal length and hang on a wardrobe rack, wall, or car's rear-view mirror (ensuring it does not obstruct your view while driving). To prevent discolouration, avoid direct contact with clothes or walls.

Scented Artworks

Perfect for expansive spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, position our scented artwork on the provided wooden stand, ensuring it's kept away from direct sunlight and heat to maintain the scent's longevity.

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